Pange lingua (1996)

For organ solo - c. 10'

Commissioned by the Festival of Ingolstadt, this piece is based on the hymn to the Holy Sacrement, Pange lingua (text by Saint Thomas Aquinas). The piece consists of a set of six variations inspired by the structure of the poem. The first, Pange lingua, is an ornamented duo on the cornet. The second, Nobis datus, is a short toccata on the tutti. The third, In supremæ nocte cœnæ, is a slow meditation in a choral style on the bourdons and gambas. The fourth, Verbum caro, uses three motives alternating with the different periods of the plain song. The fifth, Tantum ergo, declaims the theme in octaves on the pedal, with a chordal accompaniment in trochaic rhythm, à la française. The final movement, Genitori, genitoque, is a brillant dance in rhapsodic style.

Copyright © 2003 Naji Hakim